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Commercial Projects and Services

Plan4 are delighted to announce that we have now launched our brand new range of Flame retardant fabrics suitable for the Healthcare / Hospitality markets.

Co-Ordinating Designs.

Fabrics Can be printed on many different base cloths for Bed Linen, Curtains, Blackout Curtains and Upholstery.

Bed Linen: 145gm Inherently flame retardant and washable to 71 degrees.

Curtains: 220gm Satin or Matte Finish available, any design can be printed onto a blackout fabric of 235gm. Flame retardant and washable up to 71 degrees.

Upholstery: 100,000 Rubs, Waterproof, Breathablem Anti-Microbial Finish. Crib5 Flame retardant.

Voile: Washable and inherently Flame retardant.

We would be delighted to present our collection to you, Call us today on 071-9146299 or email us sales@plan4.ie